At Eco-Kakao, we work to export the finest Ecuadorian fine aroma cocoa and its derivatives worldwide, promoting fair trade with small farmers and traders. We integrate the entire cocoa agro-productive chain with international markets, upholding high standards of quality, responsibility towards our human resources, and environmental care.


ECO-KAKAO aims to be the leading company in innovation and cocoa sustainability in Ecuador. This is based on investments in research, technology, and continuous improvement processes, enabling the generation of profitable, high-quality, and traceable products. By 2025, we focus on exporting 100% sustainable cocoa through efficient coverage of farmers across Ecuador.

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30 years of experience

Leaders in sustainable agribusiness

+2500 productores beneficiados de manera directa


The fascinating story of Eco-Kakao S.A. dates back to 1991 when visionary entrepreneur Ivan Ontaneda founded the company under the name of Eco-Cafe. Originally known for exporting coffee in Ecuador, Eco-Cafe quickly gained a reputation for its exceptional product quality and an unwavering commitment to sustainability.

In 1998, the company took a bold and strategic step by changing its name to Eco-Kakao, reflecting a transition to cocoa exportation. This shift was driven by the growing recognition of the prestige and importance of Ecuadorian cocoa in international markets.


With a new name and mission, Eco-Kakao embarked on an exciting adventure to carry the excellence of Ecuadorian cocoa to the world. The company's first cocoa export in 1998 marked the beginning of a journey that transformed Eco-Kakao into a global reference for sustainability in the cocoa industry, exporting over 30 thousand metric tons annually today.

Since then, Eco-Kakao S.A. has continued to grow and evolve, facing challenges with determination and celebrating successes that have strengthened its position as a leader in sustainable cocoa cultivation and export. The company has maintained its original commitment to ethical farming practices, social responsibility, and the constant pursuit of excellence in cocoa production.


Over the years, Eco-Kakao has diversified its initiatives to include impact and social responsibility projects beyond cocoa production. Founder Ivan Ontaneda's vision has endured, and the company has become a beacon of innovation and sustainability in the industry.


Eco-Kakao S.A.'s story is a testament to perseverance, vision, and a commitment to quality and sustainability. From its humble beginnings as Eco-Cafe to its current status as a leader in sustainable cocoa, Eco-Kakao continues to write its history with pride as a 100% Ecuadorian company that elevates the country's name worldwide with every cocoa bean it cultivates and exports.


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Our 2023 Milestones

4,500 associated producers

30,000 MT of exported cocoa

8 sustainability programs implemented

Social Responsibility

Eco-Kakao S.A. is committed to the continuous improvement of the communities where we operate. Our impact and social responsibility projects go beyond sustainable cocoa production, aiming to empower people and preserve the environment. From educational programs to health and community development initiatives, we strive to be a positive agent of change.

Each project is designed with active participation from local communities, ensuring they address their needs and aspirations. We take pride in the success stories that have emerged from these efforts, from capacity strengthening to the creation of sustainable economic opportunities. At Eco-Kakao S.A., we believe that social responsibility is not just an obligation but an opportunity to build a better future for all.


In the last 8 years, we have reached over 25,000 small producers through various sustainability programs. We have worked with certifications such as Rainforest Alliance/UTZ, Organic, and private programs with major industries like MARS, Hershey, and Barry Callebaut.

Aurora QTS Project

A program created by Eco-Kakao that covers all aspects of sustainability. Its acronym, QTS, stands for Quality, Traceability & Sustainability. The program focuses on providing agricultural communities with the following services:


  • Technical assistance and productivity training.
  • Consultation and support for quality improvement
  • Building administrative, financial, and commercial capabilities.
  • Fair trade practices for improving the quality of life in communities
  • Support with agricultural inputs and tools.
  • Economic rewards.


We establish a traceability system that ensures cocoa trace information at each stage, from production and post-harvest management to cocoa distribution. This system allows us to record the cocoa's journey until it reaches the final consumer.


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