Adopting a better lifestyle depends on what we eat and now chocolate has become an excellent option for medicinal heart problems and blood pressure. An example of its use is increasing prolactin production in lactating mothers. However, dark chocolate combined with other ingredients such as sugar and milk, make their organic benefits are lost and unable to fulfill their medicinal function. It is important to mention that cocoa beans have always been a medicinal resource in the Incas and Mayan’s period of time, 2500 years ago. They have high levels of vitamins A, B and C, water, protein, fat, magnesium, potassium, theobromine and carbohydrates. Plus, cocoa butter was created to take advantage of its texture to be used as a beauty method, for example. Its medicinal powers are extraordinary and are recommended for treatments for some diseases such as: * blood pressure * Diabetes * Asthma * Skin problems * Depression * Diuretic. EcoKaKao has among its products dark chocolate, which can be used medicinally and help our consumers in certain diseases or treatments. Consume it moderately and under medical supervision in order to get better results. We did a consultation with the specialist in cardiology Fernando Aguirre, president of the Ecuadorian Association of Cardiology and head area at the Military Hospital of Guayaquil. He stated that cocoa is a product rich in flavonoids that transport fats have anti-inflammatory effects, dilate the arteries and improve insulin resistance. An investigation in 2012 by the Swiss School and Massachusetts General Hospital Boston, discovered that inside the flavonoids there are a special derivate called “epitaclinas” which had a positive impact in the human body. These substances are also in grapes, apples and lentils; but the highest percentage was found in cocoa. Harnessing the virtues of the gold seed will be the best experience in health care because it makes something delicious into a powerful healer. Bear in mind that everything in excess is bad and it is recommended to ingest it properly.

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